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How to Promote Your Blog Post? 15 Minute Checklist with Pro Tips

Key Takeaways

After creating and publishing an impactful blog post, promoting it is essential. This 15-minute checklist ensures proper promotion:

  1. Notify Mentioned Parties via Email: Inform anyone mentioned in the post or those who might benefit. Craft a personalized email, showing appreciation without expecting anything in return.

  2. Utilize Facebook: Share the blog on your business page, initiate discussions, tag relevant entities, and engage actively. Leverage Facebook’s Business Suite for formatting and scheduling.

  3. Engage LinkedIn: Share on your business page and encourage colleagues to do the same. Consider posting on LinkedIn Pulse and create a link back to the original article.

  4. Tap into Other Social Media Platforms: Depending on your business focus, share on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Utilize hashtags, schedule posts, and use tools like Buffer for efficient management.

  5. Leverage Google My Business: Don’t overlook this platform for local SEO. Make regular posts here to maintain visibility.

  6. Repurpose Content for Multi-Channel Marketing: Extend your blog’s reach through email newsletters, video summaries, or webinars. Tailor content to specific audience segments for maximum impact.

While the checklist may be completed in 15 minutes for basic sharing, leveraging the content for deeper marketing efforts like newsletters, videos, and webinars requires additional time and strategy. These efforts contribute significantly to your company’s content strategy and engagement.

10 min read

Following on from my blog post about why and how to blog, here is another important part of blogging for business websites –

What to do after you’ve written and published that perfect post that you’re damn proud of?

Most people publish then don’t do anything to promote it. They just expect the traffic to start flooding in.

To improve your rankings for your post, you need to have an interesting and informative article, engaged users who come to read it and internal and external links that show Google the article is important.

The problem with this is like any fire, you need a little kindling to get it going. The kindling for your blog post is this 15 minute promotional checklist.

1. Email anyone you’ve mentioned in the post or who may find it useful

If you don’t let people know you’ve promoted or mentioned them, how will they know? Make sure your clients or partners are getting some love on the net and they know about it.

I’m not asking for anything else. I’m just giving a shout out and raising awareness.

If you have a specific ask, go for it or just store up that love to hopefully be returned one day.

I believe in karma and doing nice things, don’t you?

You could ask them to share on social media but I’m not as pushy as you 🙂

Just share an email like so…

How to promote a blog by email
You can probably do a better email than this – give it a try.

PRO TIP: Be thoughtful and craft a nice personalized email to any of your clients or people you know who may benefit most from the blog post. Don’t expect anything in return. Be useful.

2. Post to your Facebook page

If you’ve got a business Facebook page, this is an obvious place to share it.

Begin a discussion or take something controversial that is pointed out in your article and start with that.

Or include a quote that will grab your network’s attention. Tag companies or people you mention in the article.

Get good at community management and respond to questions and comments. The rule is that you should be the user that comments most on the post. Shame I don’t follow rules 😉

Once you’ve shared it on your page, be sure to share it on your personal profile and get your colleagues to do the same so long as it fits in with their content.

Maybe it’s not got enough cat videos in there for some people so you can leave this step out if it seems like too big an ask.

PRO TIP: Use Facebook’s new Business Suite that allows you to format and schedule your posts to your Facebook page and Instagram business profile.

Facebook Business Suite allows you to schedule posts to your Facebook page and Instagram business profile.

3. Share with your LinkedIn community and business page

Post your blog to your LinkedIn page and get your colleagues to share it.

This should be easier and more fruitful than asking people to share it on Facebook with their mom and dad. Although it depends on your company and who your target audience is. You should go to the social media platforms where they hang out and prioritise content there.

It’s probably best to publish according to when your target audience is on LinkedIn so do some research on that. Or use a guide like this.

Sharing blog post on LinkedIn Page
Sharing blog post on LinkedIn Page

PRO TIP: Create a duplicate post on LinkedIn Pulse a few days after you’ve published it on your blog. Include a link back to the original article.

Write an article on LinkedIn Pulse
Write an article on LinkedIn Pulse – Go to your feed and then click ‘Write Article’ – I know I couldn’t find it on my profile either

4. Share to other social media accounts like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

Depending on how important these platforms are to your business and what and who you’re focused on, you might want to share content there as well.

Twitter is great for B2B companies. Make sure to tag companies you mention and use relevant hashtags. Schedule multiple tweets to go out over a week and promote old posts if and when the timing is right. Make the tweets interesting and in your style and brand voice.

Pinterest is a must if you’re going for the soccer mom brigade with your content: make some boards around your blogs. Create a main board that showcases all your blogs and then have separate boards for categories or tips from single blogs.

Organize your content in a way that makes sense for your prospective clients. Pinterest is good for building links back to your content. It’s a nice way to showcase the content and articles on your website from a visual perspective. It’s a good exercise to do so you get a visual index of your website’s content and helps you plan where you’re going with future content and what you’ve already published.

Instagram seems a difficult choice for blog promotion due to the inability to put links into the posts. Do your best and if you really want to you can change the link in your profile to your latest blog post and try to promote people to check it out there. If this has changed since I’ve written this, let me know in the comments.

PRO TIP: Use a social media management tool to publish and schedule content to your favourite social media platforms in one easy swoop. In the past I’ve been a big fan of Buffer. There’s also HootSuite or any of these tools you could sign up to and do a trial for your company’s social media publishing. Make sure to use hashtags and customize for each platform and finally schedule a time and day to publish.

For Buffer, you can even add your blogs to the schedule so that your social media platforms are always sharing useful content. Just don’t go crazy and mix it up with some non-self-promotional posts.

Using Buffer to share social media posts
Using Buffer to share social media posts – we have Twitter, Facebook page, LinkedIn page and Instagram Biz profile connected

5. Add a post to Google My Business

Don’t forget about Google My Business. Google is trying to make it more like a social media platform and since this is a really important tool for local SEO rankings, you should use it.

It’s more basic what you can do here. You can’t tag people or schedule but Google does have a few categories of posts at the top you can choose from. They also update the options and what you can do pretty regularly so keep doing this and stay on top of what new features they add.

Here’s an example for the post we’ve been using throughout this article:

Posting to Google My Business
Posting to Google My Business

PRO TIP: Connect up Google My Business with Bing Places for Business and automatically have Bing Places update your profile there once per week based on your Google My Business profile.

6. Use your blog post content for multi-channel marketing

Here is the big bonus PRO TIP…

You’ve spent probably an hour or more writing a blog post. Don’t let that juicy content go to waste.

Use it for your social media content (as detailed in this promotional checklist) but also use it for other content including:

  • Email Newsletters – can you sync up your blog so that when you create a blog in a certain category, you email a specific segment of your audience with a newsletter? You can create segmented lists of your audience in email software like MailChimp and then use RSS feeds or other automations to send out templated emails. Or if you prefer, do it old school and manually create newsletters once per week or month and send out to the relevant segment. For example, for the article about why and how to blog, North Shore Digital should share with segmented audiences who are interested in SEO and online growth.
  • Video Marketing – can you do a 1-5 minute summary of your blog post and make it into a talking head video or even something as rudimentary as a screenshare where you talk through your blog and add your radiant personality to it? Which type of video is best for your company again depends on the type of content that works with your audience.
  • Webinars – this is the ultimate use of your content. Can you use your guide or blog post for a webinar that you schedule once per month. Obviously for a webinar the content has to be great and you might need to prepare more than just your post to go through. You would put it into slides and do a Q&A session in your webinar. To get people to the webinar, you’d create a splash page and an email newsletter to invite prospective clients to attend.

Blog promotion is important. I’ve been a bit deceptive in calling this a 15-minute checklist. If you share your post to social media and email a list of people or companies you want to share the post with, sure, you can get it done in about 15 minutes…

However, the most useful stuff in this promotional checklist may well be the stuff that takes more time and thought… Crafting email newsletters, videos and webinars. This is really about your company’s content strategy, and that’s what I’ll write about next.

What are some of the best ways you’ve promoted your blog? What impact did it have?

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