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Do you agonize over content for your website? About what, when, and how often you should publish? We develop your content plan so you don't have to. Improve your SEO, engage your target audience, and convert. Think of us as your content strategy and keyword research team that works in conjunction with your marketing department.

The Content Roadmap

Checklist & Best Practices

SEO Optimized Content

Determine Your Target Keywords

Keyword Research

Blogs, Articles, Cornerstone & Landing Pages

Content Strategy & Plan

Web Insights & Metrics

Conversion Optimization

What Exactly Do I Get?

Firstly, we perform a situational analysis to take stock of your current marketing channels, tools, budget and in-house content or copywriting.

We also analyze quantitative data in the form of your website’s analytics to gain insights. Which content is currently working best and how are potential customers navigating your site?

Next, we perform keyword research so we can identify the best opportunities for your content. We use industry tools to examine how you are ranking for your target keywords in your target location and device. We also examine your competitors and how they are doing. Which keywords do they rank for and where?

We utilize a comprehensive checklist that ensures content is optimized to most efficiently drive organic traffic from search engines to your website.

We are invested in your success and want to ensure your business can grow after our consultation efforts. These best practices will help you succeed in your content marketing efforts. 

Depending on your organization’s current content, marketing channels, and our situational analysis, we may advise short-form articles/a blog series, long-form educational articles or cornerstone articles or landing pages

We plan your content with two primary goals: driving qualified traffic to your website, and engaging/converting that traffic into leads and customers for your business.

We will advise you on the best pages and posts to develop and how to create them to rank for your selected keywords. 

  • SEO optimized. We use a comprehensive checklist to ensure every piece of content is optimized for search engines. 
  • Data-driven. We use data to help continuously improve content that drives more traffic and converts better every month. Turn data insights into compelling content.
  • Quality content. We believe in quality over quantity and help you develop well-researched pieces to engage, retain, and convert website visitors. 
  • Conversion optimization. We create a customer journey analysis by looking at website traffic data to create content and content placement that has the best chance to convert your traffic.
  • Feedback & review. We offer feedback and review of in-house content production and copywriting. If you’re producing or intend on producing videos, white-papers or other pieces of content we can offer analysis through an SEO lens and advise on how to most efficiently utilize this content.


"For any new site, it can take months to rank but we're already seeing lots of progress in organic traffic and rankings: locally, we have 17 keywords on the top page of Google; Nationally, we rank for 43 keywords on Google Canada in the space of a few months. This is largely down to our blog articles that promote lists such as the best value houses on the North Shore. It's really great content."
David C Runte Realtor Sothebys Realty Canada North and West Vancouver Real Estate Portrait


David Runte
"We built a list of SEO keywords from which we can not only check our ranking, but use them to drive decisions on content creation.
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Graeme Hodson-Walker
"We currently use their content marketing and analytics plans to push for better SEO rankings for target keywords specific to the North Shore of Vancouver and the real estate market."
David C Runte Realtor Sothebys Realty Canada North and West Vancouver Real Estate Portrait


David Runte