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How AI Impacts Digital Marketing

Key Takeaways

AI is the hot topic. How should businesses take advantage of it? How does it affect your industry?

North Shore Digital is not immune to these questions and so we spent a 60-minute session discussing its impact on our agency and digital marketing.

Read on to find out about our conclusions and how Sam, our Google Ads Specialist is using it, and a list of AI resources. 

  • AI presents opportunities for greater efficiency, productivity, and results, but also potential threats if not properly understood and leveraged. A proactive, focused AI strategy is needed.
  • We must become masters of our domain, selectively adopting AI tools that demonstrably improve specific processes or address particular pain points. Avoid distraction.
  • As AI proliferates, our value will be providing expertise to filter tools and apply them to clients’ needs. AI savvy will increasingly differentiate successful agencies.

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How does AI impact digital marketing and the work that agencies do?

This is the core theme of this 1 hour long Crunch and Learn video that is shared and summarized below.

Every month, team members at North Shore Digital get together and host a Crunch and Learn in order to go deeper into a professional development or learning area.

In this session, Andy, Ira, Sasha, Sam, Kaan and Archit explore the hot potato that is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and in particular:

  1. Why AI matters to us and our agency?
  2. Its current impact on the industry?
  3. The personal and how we should use it?
  4. How it will impact the future of the industry?

We used Fathom AI to help produce the summary of the meeting as well as Descript to edit the video. 

See the video below for an open and frank discussion on how AI is impacting digital marketing and our agency, insights on current AI tools we’re using, and how we plan to leverage AI moving forward.

We hope you like it and find some useful info, as well as our list of AI resources

What follows below is a summary of the video’s main points…

Current State of AI

  • 87% of organizations believe AI will give a competitive edge, but proper implementation is key. Adoption is accelerating.
  • AI is bigger than the internet. It will transform society, politics, work. It’s important to stay ahead of the curve.

AI and Our Agency

  • AI aligns with the new North Shore Digital 3.0 brand key characteristics of curious consultants and lifelong learners. We need to formulate a strategy around AI.
  • Can help us provide empathy, flexibility, transparency, and results if focused on improving processes and services.

Personal Use Cases

  • Tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Gemini, Photoshop, Loom used for content creation, graphic design, efficiency.
  • Must avoid distraction and only adopt tools that move the needle for our specific needs.
  • We should carefully evaluate tools for productivity gains first. Avoid distractions and only adopt if it makes a process faster or higher quality.
  • Have team members document proven use cases to share, not just ideas. An AI resources page could help but we need a process to keep it focused.

Client Impact

  • AI can help with preliminary research, keyword expansion, personalized content, graphic design.
  • Consulting role even more important to filter tools and apply them to client needs.

Industry Impact

  • Demand unlikely to change, but supply will consolidate towards AI-savvy agencies.
  • We need to filter tools for specific use cases that improve speed or quality.
  • Being AI-savvy will be a competitive advantage to get more clients. We must embrace AI in our culture and processes.
  • Our value is expertise to identify high-impact applications of AI. This will differentiate successful agencies.

Q&A with Sam Meagher, Google Ads Specialist at North Shore Digital

Sam Meagher, Google Ads Specialist
Sam Meagher, Google Ads Specialist

What are some ways that AI is impacting your work?

AI is saving time through content creation, providing different perspectives, and acting as an “extra brain” to run ideas past. It helps create planning pages, blogs, meta descriptions by improving explanations.

What is your favorite video or resource you’ve seen about AI?

The Social Dilemma creators made a good video on AI implications that was insightful. It covered how AI can enable mass manipulation if not carefully controlled.

What is your favorite AI tool and why?

ChatGPT is great for quickly summarizing notes into an email draft. It saves a lot of time crafting personalized messages. Loom’s AI for automatic video editing and summarizing is also very useful.

How else are you using AI tools?

Compiling keyword research lists with GPT-3, answering specific Google Ads questions with Gemini, generating blog topics and images with Midjourney + ChatGPT, removing backgrounds easily with Photoshop’s AI features.

What is one way AI has helped you get better results for clients?

Using AI for preliminary keyword research to find semantically related terms. Generating blog topics and images faster. Creating ad copy variations efficiently. Answering client questions quickly.

AI Resources

Here is a list of resources mentioned in our session.

Watch from 43:51 on the video above for Ira’s guide to AI tools. It’s well worth 10 minutes of your time.

Or 57:02 for Archit’s example of how Adobe Photoshop uses AI to transform images with text featuring an image with lions.

Content Creation

Meeting AI Tools

AI Assistant

Videos About AI

What are your favourite AI resources? Please share with us any that you find useful.

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