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Key expectations to guide our partnership when we work together.

The North Shore Digital’s Client Charter

1. Regular & Proactive Communication

Please maintain clear communication via email and watch any video explanations we send to you. Be proactive in accepting or scheduling meetings with our team. Meetings foster transparency and alignment and are used to discuss campaign performance, results, and strategies. For our full-service clients, meeting each month is highly recommended.

2. Access to Online Platforms, Resources & Up-to-Date Payment Method

Please ensure that we have access to platforms such as your website, domain registrar, Google Analytics, Ads, and Business Profile. Provide us with branding materials, such as logos, images, and videos needed to execute campaigns. We need an up-to-date payment method on record. Credit cards expire often and leads to pausing of campaigns.

3. Clearly Defined Goals, Timely Feedback & Approvals

Please provide well-defined goals and objectives for your campaigns. These goals will guide strategies and efforts. Important updates, feedback, and decisions should be communicated in a clear and organized manner. Timely feedback and approvals help us make necessary adjustments efficiently. 

4. Budget Alignment & Realistic Expectations

Please allocate a realistic budget that aligns with your goals and resources based on our recommendations. Have realistic expectations about the outcomes of your digital marketing efforts. Results might take time and may vary based on the industry and competition. We ask for three months to set up, configure and optimize your campaigns. 

5. Trust, Autonomy and Collaboration

Please trust our expertise and allow us autonomy to make strategic decisions. Micromanaging can hinder creativity and efficiency. Be open to considering our recommendations and suggestions based on our expertise. Collaboration between our teams leads to more effective campaigns and productivity. 


By adhering to these expectations, we can work together harmoniously to achieve successful campaigns and a fruitful partnership.

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North Shore Digital is an award-winning digital marketing agency based out of North Vancouver, BC. We are experts in lead generation, Google Ads, SEO, and ROI analytics for landscapers, home services, construction, health practices and private schools.

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