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Reporting & Analytics

Become an online leader and use data as a competitive advantage. Don’t drive blind. Use data to get actionable insights. We make data make sense.


Are you unsure what results you get from digital marketing?

Would you like a more data-driven approach to sales and marketing?

Would you like to utilize the latest digital tools and A.I. to improve your marketing & products?

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If you answered yes to any of the questions,

Take advantage of our customized reports and best-in-class analytics

Work with experts who make data make sense by focusing on key business metrics like ROI, revenues, and new customer acquisition.


easy-to-understand monthly visual reports,

including a website analytics report, as well as tracking keyword rankings.

This gives valuable insights into website content and strategy.

It shows what’s <br>working and what isn’t. It shows what’s
working and what isn’t.
It’s enough to keep you informed, <br>but not overwhelmed. It’s enough to keep you informed,
but not overwhelmed.

In addition to the reports, we also provide

monthly analysis and recommendations, via email, video recordings, and face-to-face meetings on Zoom, and occasionally in person.

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Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking is when you use analytics to track when a conversion is completed on your website or other online platform. There are macro conversions like a phone call, form submission, or chat (when it comes to business lead generation websites). There are also micro conversions like when somebody clicks on a email or website link, watches a video, or downloads a pdf.

For all our full-service and Google Ads marketing clients, we set up extensive conversion tracking.

We do this for 2 main reasons:
  1. To show you what results you are getting from your digital marketing and where conversions are coming from i.e. we want to know if your conversions are coming from a Google Ads campaign, SEO, Google Business or other site. When we know this we can better recommend where to spend your marketing dollars. For most clients we work with, Google provides over 80% of all conversion sources on their website.
  2. The other major reason is we feed this data back into campaigns in order to improve them. By closing the loop and letting Google know that a certain keyword or campaign led to an actual conversion, Google will try to bring more of that type of person or result back to your website. 
Advanced call tracking

As well as extensive conversion tracking we include advanced call tracking in all full-service marketing programs.

It is especially important if your company generates new business on the phone.

The ability to precisely measure which online (and traditional) marketing channels are producing leads and customers is vital.

At North Shore Digital, we strive to accurately measure ROI, so you can invest in your most profitable marketing channels and troubleshoot or redirect focus or budget from poor performers.

There are various call tracking tools that we use that all share similar characteristics:
  1. They track real phone calls rather than just clicks.
  2. They tell you the source of the call and whether it came from Google Ads or SEO, for example.
  3. They provide a dashboard where you can listen back to calls and qualify real leads.
  4. Results are integrated into your monthly customized report.

There is a trade-off as the good old adage goes, you don’t get something for nothing, and that is in order to create this robust tracking system, dynamic call insertion is used so that a specific number from your phone number pool is inserted instead of your regular phone number. The trade off is worth it for most of our clients but there are exceptions.

or book a call to discuss whether call tracking is right for your business. 


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You risk being left behind by competitors if you are not a data-driven company using your own analytics and reports to guide your future direction. 


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North Shore Digital is an award-winning digital marketing agency based on the North Shore of Vancouver. They are specialists in SEO and Google Ads for small to medium sized businesses. Their focus is lead generation and ROI calculation for home services, trades, health practices and private schools.

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