Why Use Google Ads for Your Business?

We’ve decided to focus on becoming experts in Google Ads because we believe they are the best PPC and Paid Search Marketing Platform on the market. Google Ads is robust, flexible and targeted. Set your business up for online success with Google Ads Marketing.

  1. Google is the Market Leader
  2. The Google Ads Platform is Incredibly Flexible
  3. Target Your Audience with Precision
  4. Granularity of Data Gives you Amazing Business Intel
  5. Get Leads & Sales from Immediately & Reliably
  6. Outrank your Competitor’s Organic Listings
  7. Cutting Edge Machine Learning Technology

1. Google is the Overwhelming Market Leader

Let me ask you a question. Last time you needed to find a new HVAC repair company, financial advisor, real estate agent or landscaper online, how did you do it? Which search engine did you use?

Chances are – it was Google. And you may have clicked on an Ad without even knowing it. As of April 2020, Google owns 92% of the market share for search engines in Canada. If you’re Canadian, and searching for something online, it’s probably through Google. 97% of people research more online than any other channel when it comes to learning about a local business.

Over 90% of all clicks go to the first page of Google. Over 30% of these go to the first listing. Aside from it’s search engine advantage, Google also has the a massive display marketing network of websites. (which works well for one of our highest performing Google Ads strategies of display retargeting). Google is big and a lot of the initial new inquiries for your business likely start with a Google Search.

2. The Google Ads Platform is Incredibly Flexible

You can start or stop your campaign, or adjust campaign budget anytime you would like. This is fantastic for seasonal businesses, businesses that are weather dependant and also greatly improves your ability as a business to respond to external factors outside of your control.

3. Target Your Audience With Precision

Target specific locations, brand or competitor keywords, demographics, time of day, day of week and much more. Google Ads also has the ability to target specific audiences that have already interacted with your business through behavioural remarketing (retargeting). You can also target audience segments that have searched the internet for a specific product or service or have a specific persona.

4. Get Amazing Business Intel with Detailed Data

We are data-driven and Google Ads gives us a behind the scenes look at how people search and interact with your business. We use this data to not only further improve your campaign but also report back to you to utilize in other areas of your business. Find out what value propositions resonate and engage searchers looking for your product or service the most. Which demographic and audience groups have the highest conversion rates. Which locations are interacting with your business, what website landing pages and calls-to-action are most effective. The list goes on.

5. Reliable & Immediate Leads & Sales

Once optimized Google Ads can become a profitable and predictable lead generation channel. For every dollar invested we can can calculate your return on investment and predict how many quality leads and how much revenue you can achieve for different levels of Ad Spend.

6. Outrank Your Competition

Google makes most of it’s revenue through Google Ads. Being so important to the company Google has, and continues to increase prioritization of different types of Ads, such as Search, Shopping and Map Ads.

7. Machine Learning Technology

Google announced it will be an “AI First” company and has invested deeply in machine learning and AI technology which Google Ads utilizes. With the right configuration, inputs and business considerations this tech can be leveraged to bring your Ads campaign better performance over time.

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