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Why We Use Advanced Call Tracking with CallRail

Key Takeaways

At North Shore Digital, precise measurement of lead sources is key.

We employ CallRail’s advanced call tracking, integrated into our full-service marketing programs, for comprehensive insights.

CallRail’s dynamic number swapping ensures accurate lead attribution, capturing details like call sources, durations, and campaign specifics that Google Analytics might miss.

It syncs with CRMs, allowing lead qualification and conversion data integration, amplifying campaign efficiency.

Additional features like call recording aid in training staff, while CallRail’s diverse benefits, including form tracking and multi-touch attribution, cater to varying client needs.

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The ability to precisely measure which online (and traditional) marketing channels are producing leads and customers is vital. At North Shore Digital, we strive to accurately measure ROI, so you can invest in your most profitable marketing channels and troubleshoot or redirect focus or budget from poor performers. One of the most important leads we measure for clients are phone calls. 

Although we always set up campaigns with standard phone call tracking from the beginning, we also offer advanced Call Tracking through integration with CallRail, an advanced Call Tracking software & platform and widely considered the leader in phone call analytics.   

CallRail offers some fantastic benefits that go above and beyond standard call tracking, and we include this service as an optional part of our full service and Google Ads marketing programs. 

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider and include advanced call tracking with CallRail:

1- It’s included with our full service and Google Ads marketing programs. We’ll configure, test, track and report on calls. Leave the set-up to us!

2- Calls are typically underreported through standard call tracking. With standard call click tracking, when someone visits your website through a marketing channel (such as Google Ads or Google My Business) and then enters the number directly in their phone (rather than clicking on the phone call button or CTA) the call won’t be attributed to the correct channel, so you don’t know which marketing channel produced this lead! Dynamic # swapping in CallRail solves this issue, so the lead source will always be tracked, regardless of when or how it’s dialed.

3- When it comes to phone calls, the details matter a lot. With CallRail you get a lot of additional data that you won’t see in Google Analytics. you can view a list of all your recent calls including the original online source, caller number & name, call duration, as well as detailed paid campaign info on the exact campaign, Ad and  keyword that led to the call.

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4- You can sync with your CRM and qualify every lead. With CallRail, you can quickly record whether a call lead converted to a customer along with the monetary value of this lead. In addition to segmenting calls by value and conversion and attributing to marketing sources, this also greatly helps utilize conversion data to feed back into paid campaigns. 

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5 – Turn on Call Recording to review client calls or help train new call centre or reception staff. One of the features of CallRail is their optional call recording. You can use this to play back client calls, or help train and audit call reception staff. 

call tracking

6 – Finally, CallRail has additional benefits that we deploy depending on the service focus, client and overall need. These include Call Forwarding, Form Tracking, Google Ads & Analytics Integration, Multi-Touch Analysis & Attribution, Toll-Free numbers, Call Sequencing & Prioritization and more!

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