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Vitality Collective – An Essential Service for Challenging Times

Key Takeaways

Vitality Collective, a counseling therapy team based in Surrey and Vancouver, faced challenges managing Google Ads due to limited resources and sought a clearer method to track online leads and measure ROI accurately. S

olutions included advanced lead tracking using multiple Google platforms, refined targeting in Google Ads, location-specific SEO, and ongoing content optimization.

The results were impressive, reducing the cost-per-lead by nearly 60% initially and achieving a 5x return on investment over time.

Continuing improvements saw an 80% decrease in cost-per-lead over six months and significant enhancements in Google search rankings and organic website visitors.

This success reflects a well-optimized Google Ads account and substantial improvements in organic visibility and user engagement, fostering a promising ongoing partnership.

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The business:

Vitality Collective is a team of counselling therapists based in Surrey (now with a second location in Vancouver!), that assist and accompany clients as they pursue positive growth, well-being, and mental and emotional health. 

Taking care of our mental health has never been more important, especially during a very challenging year, and it’s been our pleasure to work with Chelsea and Vitality Collective and help her business grow online and support an organization that has such a positive impact for individuals’ health and wellness in our community.

The challenge:

Originally, Vitality Health reached out to us as they had limited resources and expertise in-house to be able to effectively manage their Google Ads campaign. 

They also wanted to be able to more efficiently measure where online leads were originating and better calculate their ROI for Google Ads.

After a substantial improvement in quality lead and revenue generation through their Google Ads channel, Vitality Collective signed on as one of our Online Business Growth partners as they continue to invest in their online growth for both locations.

Our solutions: 

Comprehensive lead tracking. The first step for Vitality Collective was to configure advanced lead tracking. We wanted to know exactly where each lead was coming from, so we could proceed more strategically with Ad Spend and more effectively measure ROI for all online channels. We integrated platforms and tools such as Google Ads, Tag Manager, Google My Business, Google Analytics and Search Console to set up a customized conversion tracking infrastructure that served to better analyze and report online ROI. This was also essential in order to deploy more advanced conversion bidding strategies in Google Ads.

Paid Ads Targeting & Segmentation. We reconfigured Vitality Collective’s Google Ads account, so they were laser targeted within their service areas. We wanted to ensure that their Ads were showing up with the right messaging, in the right place and specific to each unique service and audience. To achieve this we deployed a combination of in-market and affinity audience targeting, municipal & postal code level location targeting, conversion bid strategies, specialized ad extension messaging and service specific Ad Groups.

Local SEO Configuration & Campaigns. We deployed a holistic strategy that took into account the unique challenges and differences between each location and prioritized highly relevant and high volume service specific keywords. This included comprehensive organic search position tracking as well as local search engine optimization tactics such as setting up, optimizing and lead tracking with Google My Business.

Ongoing strategic consulting and content optimization. It’s been an extremely tumultuous year for business owners as government mandates, regulation and recommendations are in constant flux due to Covid-19. We communicate closely with Vitality Collective to keep campaigns flexible and dynamic and also assist with website content optimization, so they can leverage their great blog & article content across multiple online channels as well as continuously optimize for SEO.

The outcome:

Over our first month of our Google Ads Campaign Management service we lowered cost-per-lead and improved effective ROI by nearly 60%. We were also able to better identify, track and evaluate lead sources and types of leads. Over the following 6 months we further lowered the cost-per-lead for a current 80% improvement on the original campaign. This equates to a 5x return on investment through the Google Ads channel and campaigns. We’re now working on achieving similar improvements for the new location.

It takes a fair bit of hard work, analysis and testing but Vitality Collective now has a well optimized Google Ads account that can produce reliable & predictable ROI for their business month over month. This is not only a great lead source but also an appreciating online asset for their business.

Our strategic consulting, search engine optimization and technical website ticket system have also been implemented for Vitality Collective’s recent switch to full-service digital marketing which has given us a deeper and more holistic view of the organic and website behaviour components of their business. Since Vitality Collective started our Online Growth Plan they have seen an over 50% increase in top 10 Google search engine keyword rankings. They’ve also achieved over 40% increase in organic new website visitors with improvements across the board in metrics that define user engagement.

Needless to say, we’re thrilled with these results and continue to look forward to a productive partnership with Vitality Collective.

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