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Exciting news! We’re launching Financial Services Marketing, our new sister site, dedicated to revolutionizing digital marketing for financial advisors. With extensive experience in the field, we’ve partnered with major MGAs and presented to thousands of Canadian financial advisors. Our specialized campaigns for wealth management, life insurance, and more address three critical needs:

  1. Digitizing Your Business: Enhancing client experience through online solutions like booking systems and intake forms.
  2. Getting Found Online: Maximizing visibility through Google My Business, Local SEO, and content marketing.
  3. Boosting Referrals: Establishing credibility via online reviews, thought leadership, and retargeting strategies.

Regarding Paid Advertising: We provide expert advice on leveraging Google Ads, tailored to your stage of adoption and realistic goals. Our programs focus on supporting your marketing efforts and allowing you to concentrate on client interaction. Our comprehensive plans, priced affordably, align with different stages of online adoption. Market trends indicate a shift toward virtual advisory services post-COVID, emphasizing the need for digital transformation. For more details, visit our sister website dedicated to financial advisor solutions.

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We’re excited to announce the launch of our new sister website: Financial Services Marketing.

Over the last 3 years we have built our digital agency in 4 verticals: Home Services, Financial, Health, and Schools.

Now, because of the development and advancement of our unique digital marketing program for financial advisors, we are launching

We have worked with 2 major MGAs (Managing General Agents) including being the digital marketing strategic partner of HUB Financial since May 2020. We regularly present on webinars to HUB’s 6,000+ Canadian financial advisors.

As a financial services marketing agency, we’ve ran campaigns for wealth management, life insurance, health benefits, and other financial products and services. 

From our campaigns for financial services companies over the last few years, there are 3 particular needs that our plans solve:

1. Digitizing Your Business

Creating an online experience or virtual office for your current clients and intake of prospects. This means having an online booking system, client intake forms, follow-ups and notifications.

2. Getting Found Online

Through Google My Business, Local SEO and content marketing, you have to be easily found and standout in Google Search for your services and location.

3. Boosting your referrals

When people learn about you via your happy clients and their networks, you need to not only be found but also have proof that you are what they preach. This means online reviews, thought leadership articles and retargeting to showcase your authority and reputation.

A Note about Paid Advertising / Google Ads for Financial Advisors

Although effectively using paid ads online for financial services may be hit or miss, it really depends on your stage of adoption and how you deploy it as to whether it’s worth it.

We can assess your company and give you expert advice on what you might get from an online paid advertising campaign (using Google Ads search or display retargeting).

Ads are not for all financial advisors although as long as you don’t depend on them and are realistic with goals and budget, may be worth implementing. We have experience running many campaigns and can give you the full lowdown.

Our Digital Marketing Program for Financial Advisors

Our plans emphasize less about lead generation and more about marketing support, convenience and freeing you up to focus on your core skills: advising and meeting your clients.

We’re here to supercharge your marketing and help you transform the way you do business through online channels.

For less than the cost of a part-time assistant, we have full-service plans depending on which stage of online adoption you are in:

Stages of Online Adoption by Financial Advisors
Stages of Online Adoption by Financial Advisors

COVID & Market Trends for Financial Advisors

COVID has accelerated the trend away from traditional financial advisors working only offline and face-to-face with clients.

Here are some key drivers of financial advisors becoming more virtual and offering hybrid solutions:

  • Post-COVID there are more searches online on Google Canada for ‘financial advisor’ (about 20% more after a huge spike during lockdown)
  • Younger generations prefer advisors that use newer, more convenient technology
  • In 2030 % of net household wealth belonging to gen y and gen x will be 47% (up from 18% in 2015)
  • 53% of millennials would seek out a new advisor if their current advisor wasn’t utilizing satisfactory technology
  • Hybrid work solutions and virtual meetings are here to stay
  • Zoom has over 300 million active monthly users globally
  • Kevin O’Leary was on Bill Maher on Friday 12th November and he mentioned out of 10,000 staff they anticipated 15% wouldn’t come back to the office but it’s actually around 55%.
  • Before the pandemic hit, 48% of investors were comfortable with virtual advisor relationship. Now it is 63%

The time to commit to online transformation and digitization for financial advisors is now. We’re here to help.

Please visit our sister website for more specific information about our solutions for financial advisors.

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