Improve your visibility and click-through-rate in search rankings. This one-off SEO & SEM optimization will speed up your website, improve user experience, and add functionality to your site to improve how your site shows up in search rankings. Banana guy's feeling lucky, do you, punk?

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With mobile priority-first indexing, Google has changed the playing field. It’s not enough to have a site that works half-decent on mobile. A quick site (that loads all resources in under 3 seconds) is a necessity for mobile, as is creating accelerated mobile pages (AMP). For a one-time hassle-free optimization, we can make sure you meet Google’s exacting standards of what you need to rank, ultimately laying the foundations for SEO success.

Website Optimization

Our SEO & SEM Optimization Standout Features
Configure site for Google search

SEO & SEM Configuration

AMP & Responsiveness Testing

Advanced Mobile SEO

Bulk processing of images with backups

Image & Speed Optimization

SSL & CloudFlare Configuration

Security Protection

Website Optimization

Foundational SEO & SEM
$ 500 / Website (CAD)
  • One-Time SEO Configuration
  • One-Time SEM Configuration
  • Speed Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Advanced Mobile SEO
  • Structured Data
  • Hosting Tune Up
  • Security Protection
"To anyone wanting to boost their SEO and online website presence and performance – and do it with someone who is extremely personable while being technically astute - I highly recommend you get in touch with Andrew at North Shore Digital.
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Graeme Hodson-Walker
"They did some technical optimization and content creation throughout 2018 to boost the site's SEO performance, speed, and user experience. This led to a boost in rankings, for example, for Google US desktop at the start of 2018, the site ranked for 144 keywords, by November 2018, the site ranked for 691 keywords."
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Website Optimization Checklist

A list of all the optimizations we do to improve your site
Hosting/ServerHosting Check hosting environment for speed and performance.
Hosting/ServerSSL/HTTPS Configure website to be secure for encrypted data exchange e.g. when forms are submitted.
Hosting/ServerCloudFlare Route site through Cloudflare for extra speed and security.
SEO / SEM Analytics ToolsGoogle Analytics (GA) Set up GA for the website if it doesn't exist.
SEO / SEM Analytics ToolsGoogle Search Console (GSC) Set up GSC for the website if it doesn't exist (make sure to add all versions e.g. https / http / www. / non www. Link GSC with GA.
SEO / SEM Analytics ToolsGoogle My Business (GMB) Set up and verify GMB if it doesn't exist.
SEO / SEM Analytics ToolsGoogle Knowledge Panel (GKP) Check for GKP and claim/optimize if it exists.
SEO / SEM Analytics ToolsBing Webmaster Tools Add site to Bing Webmaster Tools
Search Engine ToolsYoast & Redirection Configure latest version of Yoast & Redirect plugin.
Search Engine ToolsXML Sitemap Configure sitemap to include/exclude relevant pages/posts.
Search Engine ToolsRobots.txtCheck robots.txt for any issues and add sitemap url.
Image OptimizationHosting Check hosting environment for speed and performance.
Image OptimizationBulk Image Optimization Use Imagify to bulk edit all images to 'aggressive' including non-uploads folder.
Image OptimizationBulk Optimize Images for Alt Tag Configure for auto-optimizing of alt tag for new uploaded images.
Speed OptimizationCaching & Minification Use appropriate method for improving performance and speed of the site e.g. use W3 Total Cache for WP sites.
Speed OptimizationOptimize Database Remove unnecessary entries, spam comments & post revisions.
Advanced Mobile SEOAMP Install & configure AMP for the site to rank and show up better in Google's mobile rankings.
Structured DataSchema & Sitelinks Configure manual schema for main pages & use schema plugin for others. Optimize for sitelinks.
Website PromotionSocial Sharing Widget Check and configure social sharing icons to encourage promotion of website content.

What Exactly Do I Get?

The Long Form Process Details...
We share with you a current snapshot or audit of how your site is currently performing for speed with a focus on your target geographical location. We can show how your site performs for desktop and mobile using a variety of industry standard tools (GT Metrix, Google Page Speed Insights, and SEOptimer). After sharing this snapshot of current performance, we will agree on a timeline and plan for speed & technical optimization. We may also mention an estimate of what kind of levels of success are reachable with your current website infrastructure. Your hosting plan may be holding back your website speed as well as your content. If this is the case, we will inform you, share info, and make suggestions. This was the main driving factor as to why we now provide a SEO Hosting Package for WordPress since many past SEO clients have struggled with hosting, and consequently moved to us. In order for us to perform optimization, it is necessary for you to provide us with requested account access that will be sent to you.

Depending on client needs and situation, we may decide to clone your site to a test environment on our own servers. This is less risky and will enable us to test different optimizations on your current site without us affecting your live site. We ensure that there are no duplicate content issues with Google by making the clone site non-indexable.

Whether on the cloned or live site, we run through the optimization checklist (see above), which is similar to what you would experience when you take your car to a mechanic for a checkup. Yes, websites need oil changes, too!

As well as technical optimization, we run through a checklist of SEO & SEM configuration that we recommend all websites go through in order to improve visibility and click-through rates from Google search rankings. 

We send you a report of before and after optimization as well as a guide on how to keep your site well optimized and future-proofed for success.

You may also consider our service plans for Content Marketing, Web & Search Analytics, or WordPress Maintenance (SEO Hosting & Site Care) to take your SEO potential to the next level.

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