This plan is ideal for an entrepreneur or business owner looking for ongoing SEO insights and support without breaking the bank. We provide easy-to-understand monthly visual reports, including a website analytics report, as well as tracking keyword rankings. This gives valuable insights into website content and strategy. It shows what's working and what isn't. It's enough to keep you informed but not overwhelmed. As well as the reports, we're available for ongoing technical support (email, phone or video calls).

"Andrew has really helped our marketing team be informed about our key website metrics by implementing a measuring and analytics system... We can now compare completed applications, inquiries, newsletter sign-ups, live chats month-to-month and see where they came from. It's incredibly valuable for any marketing team to see this kind of data to judge what works and what doesn't."
Kim Davey Founder She Shines On Dance Tours


Kim Davey
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Web & Search Analytics

Email, Phone or Video Calls

Ongoing Support

Monthly Ranking Reports

Keyword Tracking

Website Content

Strategical Insights

Custom Google Analytics Dashboard

Site Traffic Analysis

What Exactly Do I Get?

If you are a new client, we will send a list of 10 questions to get you started. This is so that we better understand your website goals, your target audience and keywords, as well as determining what kind of monthly maintenance SEO tasks might be necessary to focus on. If you are an existing client, it is likely we have done some prior content marketing or website optimization and therefore better understand what kind of maintenance is required. 

We require admin access to your website, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console (if set up). It is also a good idea to provide us with your hosting information.

We will set up an analytics dashboard and make sure we are tracking conversions for your site. These tools will provide us with monthly snapshots of web analytics and SEO performance that we can compare each month. Based on these reports, we will better understand how your website is performing and make suggestions on how you should develop content or future campaigns.

We’ll touch base with you as necessary via email. If you prefer, we can also schedule phone calls or video conference calls. We’re here to fit with your communication style, and make sure you get maximum benefit from our relationship.

As you add new content e.g. a blog article or webpage, there may be the need to optimize some of the content e.g. any images that may be too large or SEO meta-titles and descriptions. To try and intercept these issues, we will provide you with content and optimization guides so that your content creators can best align with good SEO practices, and develop good habits.  

We will also be checking Google Search Console regularly for any crawl issues and to look at how Google is showing your site in search. For example, are there any issues that need fixing with mobile indexing or with the submitted sitemap?

We will send you easy-to-read visual reports that show just enough data and not too much:

  1. Website Analytics Report – detailing conversions, traffic, engagement, and demographic info on your website, and Google search.
  2. SEO Keyword Tracking – we will show you your positions for your selected keywords for your target locations and devices.

We will summarize the reports and make any necessary recommendations.


We love WordPress sites and know best how to optimize these, however, we also have experience with other platforms such as SquareSpace, Wix, and Shopify.