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Super-fast dedicated VPS SSD managed SEO hosting with SSL? Yes, please! Don't put up with shared hosting... It's slow & bad for SEO. Our hosting is suitable for any professional or small-to-medium-sized business looking for the best SEO hosting plan. Our hosting is fast, secure, and managed, making it the best choice for websites that want to rank high in Google. We do all the server configuration, and SSL security set-up for you. This is great value hosting that includes the set-up and transfer of your site.

A. WordPress SEO Hosting

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SSL Certificate included

Security Protection

VPS SSD Server Configuration

Fast Dedicated Hosting

Speed Optimization

Server Configuration

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Managed Hosting

A. WordPress SEO Hosting

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  • Fast VPS SSD Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Server Configuration
  • Managed Hosting
  • Site Transfer
  • Site Set-Up
"The website is nice and fast. Much quicker than before when I had business hosting from one of the main hosting providers"
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Hosting Technical Details

What's included in your plan?
Type of ServerOur servers use SSD (solid state drives) which are much faster than servers with standard hard drives. VPS (virtual private server) also means your website is on a separate (dedicated) server to other sites as in typical shared hosting environments.VPS SSDN/A
Type of HostingManaged hosting with a maximum of 10 websites per IP address means you are less likely to encounter issues related to spam since all sites on this server are monitored for security and performance. On other hosting plans you might share the same IP as dozens of websites.Managed DedicatedYes (dedicated IP available for extra $10 per month or $100 per year)
Security?Does the hosting come with SSL certificate which ensures encrpytion when users send data between them and your site?Yes - SSL certificate includedN/A

Migration Steps

What we do to transfer your website...

We make sure that we have everything in place to give you the best results from our hosting plan.

Email Configuration

Most people do not realize this but when you move host for a specific website, this also affects the email configuration for that website. Just as websites have DNS records that tell the Internet which IP address to look for the contents of a certain web URL or domain, so to do emails. These are called mail servers and when email is sent, the DNS records for a given website will communicate how email is sent and stored for that particular email address.

Before moving, we confirm how your current email is set up for your website. Do you use a local email server or is it set up through Google or Office 365, for instance? It may be that you haven’t even activated email for this domain, in which case, it is easy. If you are using the local email server for your email, it is necessary that you use an email client such as Gmail or Outlook in order to save your current messages before migration (this is probably what is happening already but we can confirm with you before site transfer). If it is set up through Gmail, we can configure this as soon as we migrate the site. We make this process as easy as possible for you.

Once the email situation is clarified, we run through the following checklist to migrate your site:

  1. Get necessary info (Username/passwords for current hosting, domain registrar (if different), WordPress admin, credit card to pay, email setup) and sign agreement.
  2. Schedule time to do the transfer (should be when there’s least amount of visits e.g. evening after 10pm)
  3. We add the site to our migration tool and take a backup of existing website in case anything needs restoring.
  4. We add your site to our hosting backend and prepare location on our server.
  5. We then clone the existing site to our server.
  6. We switch DNS and then check for errors  We then fix any errors and restore anything that is required from our earlier backup.
  7. We then set up the SSL certificate on the new server (this may take up to 24 hours after migration).
  8. We route the site through CloudFlare and add to our account for extra security protection and speed optimization features, as well as access to their Content Delivery Network (CDN) that enables much faster global loading of the site, since website visitors in other countries will access a copied version of the live site from a nearby server rather than having to communicate with a server in North America. See this info for more details about CloudFlare’s CDN.
  9. We then send the hosting info to you including your login credentials for WordPress and Cpanel.

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