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93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. But what if you don't show up in the rankings for your target keywords? You are missing out on all that traffic. Or what if you want to be specific with who you target based on their search query, location or time of day? Then, Google Ads might be a great fit for you. The Google Ads platform has become more sophisticated in the last few years. You can administer video ads on YouTube, as well as create responsive display and shopping ads with a multitude of different options. We offer plans perfect for e-commerce or lead generation websites. 

Our e-commerce plan is risk-free: if you don't sell and make a return on investment, we don't get paid...


Fees are dependant on the size of the campaign ad spend. 

Google Ad Spend of $300-1000

Set-Up : $300

Management : 20% of total Ad Spend + $100 (for monthly analytics reporting) 

Google Ad Spend of $1000-5000

Set-Up : $400

Management : 15% of total Ad Spend + $100 (for monthly analytics reporting) 

Google Ad Spend of over $5000

Set-Up : $500 

Management : 10% of total Ad Spend + $100 (for monthly analytics reporting)

Service Inclusions

  • Set-Up

    This includes campaign brief, keyword research, draft ads & copy review, landing page recommendations, analytics set-up to measure and track conversions (e.g. revenues and leads generated by ads), which will be added to the monthly report.

  • Ongoing Management & Consultation

    Your monthly management fee includes ongoing management and consultation. We send an interim report, including our insights and improvements halfway through each month, make intermittent data-driven iterations to your campaign, and are available for questions throughout the duration of your campaign.

  • Monthly Analytics Report

    Your awesome customized report that tracks performance of your Google ads, conversions, and web analytics (sources of conversions, traffic, behaviour etc.)

A. Google Ads (PPC)

Our Google Ad Campaign Standout Features
Walk-Through & Consultation

Campaign Set-Up

Target Website Audiences


Search, Display, Video Campaigns

Ongoing Optimization

Review Draft Ads

Engaging Ad Copy

A. Google Ads

$ 250 Set-Up + Monthly Fees
  • Campaign Design Brief
  • Review Draft Ads
  • Ad Copy & Suggestions
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Ongoing Optimization
  • Remarketing
"Google Ads has become a valuable source of registered leads for our website. The CPC has become much better over time and the ads are performing well each month."
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Google Ads Campaign

The details about how we set up and run your campaign...

The first thing we do is meet with you or communicate via email so that we can fill out the campaign brief. After this is completed, we create your draft campaign. The cost of setting up the campaign is $250 with half paid up front and half paid after drafting.


  1. Landing Pages – for the ad campaign to be effective it is necessary to have an appropriate landing page for your ads to click through to. If you don’t set this up and just direct ads to your home page, for example, your ad quality score will go down and your cost per click will be higher as a result.  
  2. Conversions – think about what you want the people who click your ad to do on your website. What will the conversions be that we measure and judge the success of the campaign by? Is it e-commerce sales and revenues or generating leads via phone, email or form fills?
  3. Display Ads – If you are running display ads, you will need to supply us with images for the campaign. If you need us to create them, there is an extra fee for this.
  4. Video Ads – If you are running video ads on YouTube, you will provide the video you wish to promote. 

Once you have reviewed the draft campaign, we will launch based on your start date preferences. Once it is live, it takes a few weeks for Google to optimize the ads and begin to give you a quality score and Ad Rank based on how your ads are performing. Things that affect your quality score include click through rate (CTR), relevancy for particular search queries and keywords, and whether visitors spend a lot of time on your site and convert.

The key takeaway is that the better the ads perform, the more chance you have of appearing higher in the results, and the less you pay per click. 

Every month, we will send you campaign analytics about how your ads are performing. We can alter the budget or tweak any of the targeting to fit your needs. We will also make suggestions that you can review and we implement. 

The cost of the ongoing campaign depends on if your campaign is focussed on e-commerce or lead generation and awareness. The fees are detailed near the top of the page here.

For e-commerce sites, we charge you if the ROI is above 1, i.e. if the ads cost more than you get in revenues or you don’t get any revenues, we don’t get paid. Our fees are performance-based. It’s in our interests to make sure you sell lots of products or services.

Video: How Google Ads Work

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