David C Runte Realtor Sothebys Realty Canada North and West Vancouver Real Estate Portrait


David Runte (West Vancouver Realtor)
"Ira and Andrew (North Shore Digital) helped design and build a lead generation website portal for mine and Sotheby's real estate business. They have been first class in terms of following up on requests, meeting at times that suit my busy schedule, and creating valuable content for the website. Their customer service has been outstanding. We currently use their content marketing and analytics plans to push for better SEO rankings for target keywords specific to the North Shore of Vancouver and the real estate market. For any new site, it can take months to rank but we're already seeing lots of progress in organic traffic and rankings: locally, we have 17 keywords on the top page of Google; Nationally, we rank for 43 keywords on Google Canada in the space of a few months. This is largely down to our blog articles that promote lists such as the best value houses on the North Shore. It's really great content. We're beginning to see the rankings, traffic, and now conversions in terms of leads come through. I get the impression that Ira and Andrew care about the success of our site, and encourage other North Shore businesses to utilize their expertise and services."
Nikoas Badminton Futurist Speaker


Futurist Speaker
"In late 2017, I hired Andrew to do an SEO audit and evaluation of my site. After this, he did some technical optimization and content creation throughout 2018 to boost the site's SEO performance, speed, and user experience. This led to a boost in rankings, for example, for Google US desktop at the start of 2018, the site ranked for 144 keywords, by November 2018, the site ranked for 691 keywords."
Professor Ajay Agrawal


Professor at University of Toronto / Expert & Speaker on A.I.
"I've worked with Andrew on my website since January 2018. Andrew has been helping with content creation and updating of relevant pages on a monthly basis. He has also been offering SEO advice and support in order to rank higher on Google. This has led to a boost in the website's rankings. I've found Andrew to be very reliable and trustworthy as well as an excellent source of expertise in how to promote my website."
Elton Hubner Eyes Multimedia 400x400px


Owner at Eyes Multimedia
"I've known the founder Andrew for a few years and worked together with him on a few web marketing projects for a client in North Vancouver. Andrew is the face of North Shore Digital and leads a group of experts in digital marketing to help any individual entrepreneur or business rank higher on Google. Super great people to work with!"
Graeme Hodson Walker Romex Chief Business Development Officer 300x300px


Graeme Hodson-Walker (Chief Business Development Officer)
"There are a thousand SEO and digital marketing providers out there. However, it is near impossible to find one who has a complete package - marketing savvy, technically skilled, artistically creative, driven toward business results and, to top it all off, a pleasure to work with. In our experience, Andrew brings all of these things to the table. I cannot recommend him highly enough! Our company, ROMEX Canada West has worked with Andrew for almost a year and continues to do so. In that time, we fully re-designed and relaunched our company web site with Andrew’s guidance on how to weave SEO into the fabric of the site to make it SEO-friendly going forward. From there, we have set out a path to make the website not just a presence on the web but a lead-generating marketing machine. The metrics system implemented by Andrew and his team gives us real actionable insights into what is happening on our website. Everything from where our inquiries come from and which pages are visited before sending, to data from Google search and how people are finding our site, to how we do in our target locations and devices - all presented in a clear and straight forward monthly report. With Andrew we built a list of SEO keywords from which we can not only check our ranking, but use them to drive decisions on content creation. Our new site is already ranking on the top page for our branded keywords, which have some big competition in Canada. For hosting, every month we get a report about what has been updated and checked for security vulnerabilities, which provides peace of mind. He’s also made adjustments to maximize our website’s loading speed, which is also on-going. So, to anyone wanting to boost their SEO and online website presence and performance – and do it with someone who is extremely personable while being technically astute - I highly recommend you get in touch with Andrew at North Shore Digital. Fun to work with but highly driven toward measurable business results!"
Kim Davey Founder She Shines On Dance Tours


Kim Davey (Founder & Creative Director)
"SHE SHINES ON Dance Tours hired Andrew specifically to help with SEO and the transition from worldclassdancetours.com to our newly branded website sheshineson.com in mid-2018. We were concerned about losing our rankings that were quite established for some top keywords such as 'world class dance tours', 'dance tours', and 'la dance tours'. We needn't have as Andrew systematically helped us move and keep and improve our rankings for our new site through effective SEO strategies. Since the move, we've been using North Shore Digital's support package that gives us monthly SEO keyword tracking and website analytics reports. The results of our SEO have been fantastic: we rank for roughly 9 or 10 out of 11 of our selected keywords across mobile and desktop devices in our four target geographical locations: New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and the UK. Andrew has really helped our marketing team be informed about our key website metrics by implementing a measuring and analytics system using Google Analytics, Search Console, and Data Studio. We can now compare completed applications, inquiries, newsletter sign-ups, live chats month-to-month and see where they came from. It's incredibly valuable for any marketing team to see this kind of data to judge what works and what doesn't. We highly recommend Andrew for any SEO work. He is awesome!"

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