Performance Based Google Ads (VIDEO)

In this video that is less than 2 minutes long, I tell you why you should give Google ads a try and which kind of websites or campaigns they work best with…

I’m going to start with another question…

What percentage of all online experiences begin with a search engine?

The answer is 93% (at least according to Brainstation)

But what if you don’t appear on page one of Google for your keywords? Perhaps your SEO sucks?

Well… this is where Google Ads can help.

At North Shore Digital we typically use Google ads in 3 ways:

  1. Increase e-commerce sales
  2. Generate more leads for your business
  3. Boost Awareness of your product or service

We do account setup, design brief, optimization and monthly analytics/reporting.

For e-commerce, we don’t get paid unless you sell products and your return on ad spend is at least 100%. It’s virtually risk free!

If you know anybody interested in Google ads, let me know or visit this page for full details on our Google ad plans:

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