Expansion of Niche Marketing Services

In 2018, North Shore Digital was founded as a generalist marketing agency

This means we work with prospective clients so long as we share similar values, they have a budget for marketing and we are confident of getting results and success working together.

This is the typical business model of most agencies in Western Canada.

In the US, the message to agency owners, is niche down at your earliest opportunity.

If you only work in one industry and help one type of client, you can go much deeper and be the expert authority in helping achieve growth and marketing goals.

This helps attract and retain clients.

When you are a generalist agency, it takes a very talented team and a lot of hard work to wear many different hats and really understand and act on the needs of every client.

At North Shore Digital, we prefer a hybrid model.

This means we retain the parent generalist agency where we work with different businesses and industries.

This is important to us as we understand the business culture locally and we want to help our community succeed.

It is very meaningful when you work with a local business and get great results together.

However, we have also worked on niching down in order to help our clients more and improve our knowledge and skillset to get better results.

This has spawned dedicated websites to reflect the verticals we work with most: ones where we have the greatest results, affinity and opportunity.

You may have seen activity recently on our social media about our exhibit and presentation at the Grow West Coast Horticulture Trade Show.

We were there wearing our Landscaper Marketing hats. Quite literally.

We now have a thriving Landscaper Marketing website detailing all our success stories and a collection of guides for landscaping company owners.

We also have a Home Services Marketing website since these are companies we have a fantastic impact on, in terms of generating new clients and revenues. Various industries are included in this expanded vertical include: landscaping, electricians, plumbing, HVAC, painting…

Last year, we launched Financial Services Marketing as our website to really represent our partnership with HUB Financial and the over 6,000 advisors they have.

We’ve presented various webinars for HUB and CustomPlan Financial about best practices for financial services in online marketing and websites.

Finally, we have Schools Marketing due to the great success we’ve been having helping independent schools grow their admissions and enrolment.

This vertical has excellent alignment with our agency as our three founders have more than 25 years of schools marketing experience between them.

So far, we haven’t generated any niche websites for our health and wellness vertical, but we don’t rule that out in the future.

The key message for our current clients is don’t be surprised if you see us working on new websites and verticals.

We are committed to getting you the best results and improving your online marketing.

Any changes we do reflect this.

Our 2022 client survey results showcase the wide-range of clients we serve and the high level of service and results produced.

Please contact us if you think you’d be the right fit to work with us on your digital marketing goals

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