Client Survey 2022 Results

In March and April this year, we sent out our first survey to all our online growth plan clients.

The goal was to get honest feedback on how we are doing.

We made the survey anonymous or clients could leave their name if they wanted to.

Here are the results and some of our key takeaways.

Thank you to our wonderful clients for all your efforts in responding.

We will do this on an annual basis so that we can continue to get better at serving you.

What are we doing well?

Overall, we are very happy with the feedback we got. We are on the right track.

Even though we serve clients in a number of different industry verticals our clients are very happy with our efforts and results.

1. Which vertical is your company in

Our clients agree that we are helping them with a variety of online marketing initiatives e.g. generating leads, getting found online, digitization, growing their online presence and authority, as well as business consulting and online strategy…

2. How does NSD help your company

There are a number of things we are doing well:

  1. We scored an average of 4.7 out of 5 on the key question ‘North Shore Digital has grown my company’s business online’
  2. We scored 9.5 out of 10 on the key question ‘How happy are you overall with North Shore Digital’s services?’
  3. We scored 9.2 out of 10 on the key question ‘North Shore Digital provides good value for its services’
3. NSD has helped grow your company online

4. How happy are you with NSD
5. NSD provides good value

Where can we improve?

Although we love hearing positive feedback from clients, it’s critical feedback that helps you learn and grow.

Here are some areas where can improve:

  1. The response rate to our survey was pretty low at 34%. In order to improve this we will look at incentives for 2023.
  2. We scored 8.25 out of 10 on the question ‘If we run Google Ad campaigns for you, how are results?’
  3. We scored 7.2 out of 10 on the question ‘how useful do you find your monthly marketing report and analysis?’

These are not terrible scores but definitely gives us things to improve on.

The Google Ads question shows we have some work to do to show the value and results of what we do with a client’s ad spend. We also noticed some clients answering the question even though they don’t run Google Ads.

The marketing report overall score was brought down by an outlying score of 2 out of 10 by one client.

The biggest thing to work on to learn more is really the client response rate to our survey.

The clients more likely to answer are most likely our biggest fans and most engaged clients.

For next year, we will push to get 50-75% client response rate before we are happy.

6. How are Google Ads results
9. Monthly report

Any other takeaways?

As well as asking about how we can improve and how are clients rate us on various aspects, we also asked about communication methods, our ticket system and what they most need help with in the future for online marketing.

8. Favourite methods of communication
12. Ticket system
15. What do you need most

Marketing automation systems are going to become more and more important in the near future as companies look to grow and get the most out of their marketing budget and resources. It’s important to build workflows and triggers that remove so much of the manual work in the sales and marketing process. The challenge is to do this in a way that makes sense and doesn’t take the people-first approach out of marketing. We don’t need an Internet just full of bots and algorithms. We have to think what’s best for the end user.

Check out all the slides of our Client Survey Results 2022 below:

We sincerely hope that if you are thinking of working with us that you have found this article useful.

Please contact us if you think you’d be the right fit to work with us on your digital marketing goals

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